Me….how do you define yourself?  It’s something I find very difficult todo.  But moving countries honestly makes it even more difficult.  You have pieces of yourself in one country and pieces of yourself with you.  You have roots in many places, parts of your soul left all around the world.

I am a wife

I am a Mother

I am a friend

I am shy…Until you get to know me.

I am on an amazing journey… discover myself.  I am glad you are here with me for this journey.

We moved to New Zealand 5 years ago and so much has changed. So many things not only here in the country I live in but back home as well.  I knew that life would change with us not there, I knew that things would but what I didn’t know was how I would feel.

This blog is all about the journey of a woman who’s always going to feel like a piece of her is in Canada and a piece in New Zealand.

I’m so happy you’re here.