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20 things to start right now!



In My Journey to a better to be more myself this is my list of things I want to add to my life daily!

  1. Drink a lot of water and green/white tea; the best tea I have ever had is from my wonderful friend Sarah, and her Tea House- A Himalayan Experience; get your AMAZING TEA HERE!
  2. Eat small meals during the day
  3. Eat more Fruit, veggies
  4. Go for a walk, bike, swim, jog
  5. Where comfortable shoes
  6. Go to bed earlier
  7. Stop thinking Negetive thoughts about your self and others
  8. Don’t dwell on the past, just let it go
  9. Enjoy the little things in life…like crisp clean sheets!
  10. Don’t compare your self to others; you only see what’s on the outside you have no idea what thier life is really like
  11. Practice Meditation
  12. Eat healthy; BUT for pity sake EAT THE CAKE
  13. Stretch daily to increase flexiblity
  14. Avoid putting things off…I am sooo bad at this
  15. Listen to peaceful music
  16. DANCE
  18. Wear cloths that make you HAPPY!
  19. Throw away things that you don’t need
  20. Remember that you are enough

If I set goals of doing this list daily I think I will be in a pretty epic place next year.  If you find yourself on a similar journey don’t forget the most important goal is to be kind to yourself every day.  This is a list of things that will really help me become more aligned with who I want to be. It will put me on a path the will make me be more ME…self care, self love and by doing this all the rest of life will fall into place.  You know the saying if Momma aint happy aint nobody happy.  Well what are you waiting for, let’s make Momma happy!


Thanks for reading peeps!  Take care, be well, Be Happy, Be Kind, and Be YOU!



On your mark; get set; get dressed; self-doubt…and GO!


When we first arrived I could tell that people could tell we were “different” mainly because it was mid summer here and we were about as white a skim milk. However now that I have been here for a while it had NOTHING to do with the fact that I was glow in the dark white but more to do  with what we wear. When I get up and get dressed I put clothes on and ya that’s it; when Kiwi women get up they get dressed. SO  I don’t know if this makes sense or if I am just sounding like a rambling loon…which I don’t think I am that far from; but what I mean is that they are coordinated accessorizes and well put together; for the most part there is still some people who you have a look at and think did you get dressed in the dark WHICH I think I now belong in that category.  Back home did I care what I looked like?  No…well to a certain degree but I was not a trend watcher and I certainly was not a Trend setter!  BUT I did like to wear nice clothes.  Here the styles are quite different, everything is layered.  Shorts with leggings under, Tunics with leggings, Dresses with Merano’s ( long-sleeved wool shirts) under them.  They just look well put together, even when they say they look like a Wreck I think they look wonderful! I am stuck on my jeans and layered T’s…Do I want to change my look Yes and No, I like the way they dress but I have a hard time trying to find ways to put together something that works on me.  I think I will just try to adapt my Canadian style slowly into a kiwi style.  I have to say one thing that I love it that 90% of the women wear their hair in a top not or a  messy bun! LOVE IT Hair easy! Which is good cause since I have moved here my hair has taken on a life of its own !

This is what I have as an image of my hair since moving here…OH I MISS Friends!!! Thanks Monica!

  Basically all it will do is go in a pony so this makes my “hair life” MUCH better! And makeup! HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER is it expensive…I have developed on allergy to my current mascara, well that is about all the make up I wear anyway some tinted moisturizer and some Mascara…BUT O EM GEE Is it expensive.  I am talking 25.00 for the CHEAP stuff maybe I am shopping in the wrong place but wowsers! SO I am really going natural since my itchy watery eyes have taken over!

 I have of course gone shopping many , many, many times and looked at the cloths tried to picture myself in the same outfits as these ladies and I just can’t.  I am not a fitter inner but I am not one who likes to stand out.  SO this is turning into an issue for me when I get dressed. One day I will transform into the kiwi Canadian in time I’m sure of it but until then it will be everyday On your mark, get dressed, self-doubt and go!

Oh the inner ramblings of my brain…sometimes I am shocked what comes out!

Beauty and Buckets!


So today I was under the weather my lovely daughter Miss T was sick yesterday and because she is such a good girl she shared with her Mommy what a sweet heart hey! So while I was ill, I had a chance to chill on the couch, catch up on some emails surf facebook…feed my addictions to Candy Crush and Pintrest! Pretty chilled out day…besides the ickyness that tagged along with it! BUT in my travels of the world-wide web I stumbled upon this , which was all over Facebook and pintrest, and it really spoke to me!  It brought tears to my eyes to see what women actually think of themselves. I know this when I look in the mirror I have often wondered what do other people see! Is the first thing they notice my bushy eyebrows…..WHICH HAVE COME BACK TO STYLE WooHOO; It hurts too much to pluck or tweeze NO THANKS!  BUT after my brief moment I immediately thought of my two beautiful girls and they will also suffer this same fate!  We have to be kinder to each other GIRLS are the worst!  They are the meanest creatures on the planet!  We are fierce friends, BUT even fiercer enemies that one poor girl who finds her self not in that “Inner circle” is just bullied and badgered, I know I was there when I was growing up the one on the outside looking in at the “pretty girls” at one point; it’s amazing how much words can do to a young persons self-esteem. I don’t want that for my girls which is why even BEFORE this video appeared I vowed that I would fill-up their “buckets” with self-esteem at home as much as I could that way the world will have a much harder time to empty it for them; if you haven’t heard of the “bucket” check this out So I wanted each girl to have a powerful quote written on their wall of their room so when they woke up that is what they would see and read each day.  But then I couldn’t decide WHICH quote to use so I have a different idea!! Each girl will have an empty picture frame on the wall of the their room and we/I will write a quote/saying inspirational word or words on it to make them look inside them selves and really see what is important and that they are beautiful!  This way they will touch on all things that are important and I can use quotes words of wisdom to fit what is going on in our lives! I will post pics of these once I find the frames…OPP SHOPPING woo hoo.

We need to be there for these little girls growing up in such a airbrushed world and make them see that the women that they see everyday THOSE are the real women not the airbrushed faces on the magazines or on the internet.  My girls are young 7 and 9 but I want them to realise these things NOW before they have the “ideal” picture in there head!  The other day I was getting ready and applying make-up, which quite honestly I don’t do often and Big E was watching me and she said Mommy why do you put all that stuff on your face you’re beautiful just the way you are! Well if that doesn’t bring a tear to mommy’s eye nothing will!  The next time I applied makeup I looked at myself before then again after….and I washed my face! I used to wear makeup So I didn’t look so pale but now with a tan it’s ok!  I slap on a bit of Mascara so I can have some eyelashes and away we go! So if my Big E can say one thing to me to make me see what she sees, then I really need to make sure she knows that she is beautiful as well, inside and out!

It is my job as a mother to these to amazing little girls to make sure they are strong enough with who they are to not let ANYONE try to change them! They are beautiful smart STUBBORN little girls and I love them so much to let anyone try to make them different! YES in this case STUBBORN is a good trait; just not when they are arguing over brushing their teeth!

Well that is all for now so go on fill a bucket and have a great day!