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List of things to be happy about


So we know we should be grateful every day; right?  Yes, we should!   But some days are harder than others!   So here is my list is goto things to be happy about when things are…less than stellar!

  1. My Cat; Mr. Whiskers
  2. Comfy Shoes
  3. A soft bed
  4. Fuzzy Socks
  5. Cozy BunnyHugs (Saskatchewan word for hoodie)
  6. Chocolate ( always keep a secret stash Mum tip!)
  7. The way the rain sounds when it hits the roof
  8. OR the fact the Sun is in the sky. It’s always a good day when the suns out. It rains A LOT where we live!
  9. Cookies!!!!!  Mmmm cookies
  10. A warm dry house…see #8
  11. Music!  Listen to your favourite song
  13. A good movie…I’m sensing another post about movies and Netflix!
  14. Comfortable pants; as I get older comfy pants a huge happy dance moment.
  15. Nice smelling Soap
  16. A nice pen! I love writing with a really nice pen!
  17. Fancy paper; I’m a stationary geek!
  18. Cooking a big meal for my family
  19. An organised pantry ( yup it makes me happy)
  20. Having a nice smelling house; walking in the door and having the aroma of my own house hit me.  It makes me happy!
  21. A clean and tidy kitchen bench! (I’m not a neat freak but I do love coming into my kitchen and it’s tidy)
  22. If my girls cook; which by the way leaves a HUGE mess in the kitchen BUT still makes me happy!
  23. Cooking/baking with my girls.
  24. Cooking with my Husband
  25. Cooking for a Group!
  26. BBQing. I love cooking and love it, even more, when I cook outdoors!
  27. My smartphone; yes this sounds vain but it’s my connection to all things back home.
  28. A hot bath, with candles and music
  29. Slippers!

As I read through that list I saw a trend. I think I like to cook. This is just a quick list of things I can be things I can be grateful for!  On very difficult days I like to look at things that do challenge me and turn them into something to grateful for. Each day is a challenge; it’s up to you if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

What’s on your Gratitude list? Drop me a comment I’d love to hear from you.

Later Peeps

Reno update

  • Insulation under the house CHECK
  • Plumber here to redo pipes under house CHECK CHECK!
  • Plumber Roughing in the new shower in the back room CHECK!
  • Builder came to finish shower CHECK!
  • Builder has to come BACK to finish shower Because HERE’S a news flash NOTHING was even close to straight to put the shower in SO he spent the day plumbing up the walls…making them straight
  • THEN Plumber has to come back to do his part
  • THEN BUILDER HAS TO COME BACK TO DO HIS PART……nothing is easy here
  • THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE WE will be able to start FIXING THE “new” Bathroom!
  • Old bathroom that looks a barn CHECK CHECK!

OK I LOVE MY HUBBY HE CAN DO IT ALL… I am truly a spoiled woman!

So the last couple days it has been the coldest yet, so I thought I would get brave and purchase a thermometer….I got home turned on the heat…aka the woodbuner got that fired up and producing heat…got the fan going to circulate the heat through out the house gave some time then I went and “tested” the kitchen was 14 this was after I had made dinner and after we had done the dishes with HOT water also the girls belting out some great sounds that should have made some heat.  The rest of the house was a good 18 so that isn’t too bad!  The Bathroom aka BARNROOM well that was ummm 11 ya a large gaping hole in the floor doesn’t help! I will be interested to see what the temps are in the each room in the am.  I have the fire roaring still at 945pm in hopes of “keeping” it warmISH for the night.  It is supposed to get down to 3 tonight with a high of 9…so that means BRRRR our little Villa will be a Chilla! baaahaaahaa I just cracked myself up Sorry! *clearing throat* where was I oh yes RENOS!

With all the above things being CHECKED this means that the gas fitter can come out and do the furnace he said he will do his best to get me heat by NEXT weekend…June 9th or 10th  now that is a great birthday gift!

Well I will post in the AM with the Temps in the house! I am curious!

FORGOT TO publish last night SOOOO here are them temps IN the house!

Bathroom…that looks like barn 3


Backroom/temp Bathroom….3

Dining room… 10

Big E’s room… 12

Top Bunk where Little T is…14 YUP  2 degrees warmer up there today!

Lounge 20….where the fire is we have a fan going by the door way to push the warm out OUT of the room and down the hall.  We also have a the door of the BARN  bathroom blocked with styrofoam insulation pieces that we used to insulate under the house.

SO this may sound like I am complaining…I am not well not on purpose do I like the fact that I can store my eggs on the kitchen cupboard safely NOPE Do I miss my warm toasty Canadian home yes!!! Will I trade it for this life that we are living now…NO not anytime in near future OR distant future that I can see.  I am truly and honestly happy here SOON we will have heat in our house and I will once again enjoy the outdoors KNOWING that when I get home it will be warm and I will be able to get warm FROM being outdoors…and not go outside to see if its warmer out there than IN my house….which somedays it is!  Some people think that New Zealand is warm and tropical…in the summer it was warmer…I wouldn’t even say it was tropical it’s warm NOT hot, just warm pleasant; the winter well that is Chilly and DAMP or one might even say WET! Those of us who have grown up in the prairies we have NO idea what a damp cold is….well come to New Zealand in the Fall/Winter stay in 1920’s home and you will know damp cold! Little T said last night, you know back home in when you get so cold it burns….that’s what my feet feel like in the kitchen…my reply well put on some sock and this wouldn’t be an issue…she says ya it’s ok I like it!  CRAZY KIDS!

Well that’s all for me for now…I have to be a MEAN mommy and get the girls out of their warm warm beds so they can walk across the kitchen and “burn” their feet!

Reno updates new KITTY and lets PARTY!


Well another weekend has come and gone!  I think this was one of the most like “home” weekend we have had!  On Friday night we went for dinner with some people from Hubby’s work the girls had a sleepover at a friends house on the Terrace. We went to a great Indian restaurant, I was so yummo!  After dinner we went for some drinks a pub…and we were still home by 1030!  Hubby then spent all day Saturday under the house. Poor man!  I think he has ONE day left which is TODAY Woo Hoo THEN he will just have to do some “touch ups” where the plumber needs to do his thing to get us a new Bathroom woo hoo; there is something to be said about actually having the toilet IN the bathroom and NOT on the other side of the house!!

It will be soooo nice to have our hubby and Daddy back on the weekends.  Which might be just in time for him to start working for the weekends 😦 BUT we will see how it goes!  ANYWAY Little T had a Bday party to goto on Saturday and Big E and I were going to head into town and go to a cat show…ya I was just as shocked to learn there is CAT SHOW….anyway we WERE going to do that while Miss T was at her party.  I dropped T off headed home to get E ; when the party that I just left Miss T at pulled into the drive behind me. Hmmm what did she forget… NOTHING  It turns out they miss counted the kids that were coming and needed an extra car!  SO it was off to Opanke for the day where the kids played in Bumpits; Which is like a HUGE hamster ball they roll around run in them and bump into each other and have a  general AWESOME time; we went to a local cafe from some fish and chips; Sketchiest place I have EVER been too! The kids were convinced it was haunted, and well I was pretty much in agreement with them! Then off to the beach where the kids played on a playground overlooking the ocean….breath taking!  The parents of the birthday girl felt so bad about having to ask me BUT I told them it was truly my pleasure I got to have an adventure…a few of them AND It got us onto the other side of the mountain and we saw some new part of this BEAUTIFUL country!  I was a tonne of fun! I loved it and the girls had an awesome time!  On the way home, the music was cranked and I had 6:little girls all singing along to the tunes!  We had a blast.

When we got back home the parents asked if the girls could have a sleep over…ALL of them! So they had 10 girls all sleeping over.  BRAVE parents!  Mind you if we had room at our house I would be game for it, but we don’t…so we will have to stick to just one person sleepovers at a time!  The girls had  an amazing weekend!! They are really starting to settle in here;  I love it; THEY love it; it is great and starting to feel more like home every day!

I also made a new friend with the Parents of the birthday girl, we had some great laughs! They are also not from here so this makes it that much easier for us to “bond” I think.  They know what it is like not having family and being in a new place with out friends!  I am LOVEING life.

OK SO RENO UPDATES…… We have our new water system in place and “sticky tap” is no longer a pain!!! I turn on the water and it COMES OUT!!! It’s a miracle! I have torn out the basin in the bathroom, and tried to do rip up the tub Hubby will do that when he gets home from work!

Now I don’t know if I told all but we got a Kitty!!! Yup a tabby cat she is adorable, Miss E “found” her on the Terrace and deemed her as a stray and brought her home.  As it turned out she was NOT a stray BUT the last kitten of a batch of kittens someone was trying to get rid of. SO we have a new addition her name is Maple!!!! I was in the “dog” house for a few days as we both agreed before we left home that we will NOT get a CAT…well I fell in love with here BEFORE I even told Hubby about her….SO there were a few days of tears lots of begging and well now she is ours.  I do feel bad as I don’t normally go against what we agree with BUT this lovely little kitty was worth the fight! I will post a pic soon!

Well friends it is late I am pooped have a big day ahead of me tomorrow!

Blog soon!

Renovations, Basketball and soul bliss


So here we are all “Settled” into our new home and we are renoing!  YUP that  “lovely” Bathroom is GOING!  Which has started our new adventure!  Plumbing, plumbing terms, and the realization that this is NOT Canada and NOTHING will get done when we want it to which is YESTERDAY.  Hubby is still doing the insulation under the house on the weekends SO this project is the after work project; are we crazy? Yes; yes I think we just might be! We have hired a Builder come in and help us but we will do the ripping out of the Bathroom, and what ever else we get done BEFORE they can get free to come and help us out.  Having said this we are also getting the Hot water Cylinder replaced with an Infinity water system (boiler, on demand hot water…)SO this means that we will no longer have to run around the shower to get wet as the current system is Gravity fed pressure which mean NO pressure! Then the next Canadianization is HEAT yes HEAT. I am not entirely sure which I am more excited about the water pressure or the heat…but as the nights get longer and chillier I think the Heat is winning..BUT if I could have a nice hot shower WITH pressure ahhhh how nice would that be! For those of you who know me I have THICK hair so does Big E, so it is a task and a half to get the shampoo and conditioner out of our Mops! BUT after today NO longer an issue woo hoo I am excited! Once hubby is done under the house heat will be here as well…ahhh heat as I type my nose is cold and my fingers are purple….


Last night we had Big E’s first basketball game!  MAN was she excited! FIRST OFF she had to call me from school at 2:15 and tells me she had a Basketball RIGHT after school IN New Plymouth. OK Yes you can be there…..OK Super MOM hurry up….It was my Monday of Errands, morning spent on the phone trying to sort of some stuff for the reno’s….nothing is simple here….Then I was an amazing day so I went for a walk I had to be home @ 1:00 as I had a man coming for an estimate.  NO problem.  I am out for my walk it is 12:20, he rings and says that he can come now….I am about a 30 minute walk from home, but tell him I will be there in 15. SO I ran home yes that is right I ran, It was great. I was sweaty hot stinky outta breath mess when I got there, which was about 5 minutes before the guy showed up.  BUT I did it I beat him there!  SO He left at 2:10, EM calls a 2:15…so I had 20 minutes to shower, gather her stuff she needs for Basketball, gather snacks, and something to entertain Little T while she watches the game.  BUT we made and ON time! PHEW!  So much for my “relaxing” day at home!  After the game we went to Macca’s for Big Macs….so much for the run LOL…

Being home and being able to be the wife, mother, maid, nurse, taxi driver, errand runner, message giver, Trades Person co-ordinator, Baker, cook, wood chopper, gardener…this list really goes on and on BUT I love it!  I love that I can be the goto person for my family!  I love being here in this new country and being able to give my family the support that need whenever they need it! I feel extremely blessed!  Do I miss my loved ones back home YES more than I ever thought possible BUT they are just a Skype, text, blog, Facebook OR even a phone call away! It this the same as being there with them NOPE, can I get that all-encompassing {HUG} that I love from my Grandma? no 😦 BUT even with out all this I can honestly say I am truly truly happy, my soul is home. I don’t know how many of you have experienced the bliss that comes from your soul being home but it is just that true bliss.  You feel warm and at ease with all that comes at you, you feel HOME!  Who knew my home was on the other side of the world from my Family…but alas here it is.  Will I come home to Canada again, for a visit yes someday, to live I don’t think so. BUT you never know, my soul my just say OK this is STINK let’s go HOME to your family.  But until that time comes I LOVE my life here, love my girls and hubby and enjoy every second of being here!


Well for thats all for now! Blog soon!

Brownies, bum bags, pokeys and a Hangi!


So gluten-free brownie update!  Hubby had to make his own brownies seeing as I had the tummy flu yesterday…Thank you Miss T! He is great baker and APPARENTLY makes his FAMOUS FUDGE!  We have been together for umm 12 years…no thirteen…married for 10 coming on 11 this June; WOW….any way the point is I have NEVER had his FAMOUS FUDGE!!! Hmmm we will have rectify this!!! Where was I going oh ya, he made his own brownies. SO when he hit the kitchen I hear…”this is a pigsty”…  Miss T was sick for a day, I was sick for a day, we had a busy weekend then I spent Monday in town doing errands and looking for gluten-free stuff EPIC fail….NOT cleaning the house…Tuesday was set for house cleaning/laundry day; which turned into…doing many loads of laundry that didn’t need to be done and were only done cause they were… well were met with an unfortunate incident ANY WHO!  When my girls are sick…I will snuggle them and sit with them rub their back and just generally HOVER over them! SO the rest of the house well didn’t get cleaned.  So when hubby went to make his brownies I heard….”its a pigsty in here!” and he set to clean it up! I don’t know why but I felt guilty that he had to do this, I think this is part of the woman syndrome that I can’t seem to get rid of.   I think I should be able to do it all, all the time.  I was sick and hubby didn’t care that I was sick  OR that he had to clean, he NOW however see’s what happens when I am truly doing nothing!  OK again I got side track OH LOOK a shiny thing let’s see it!! LIKE seriously I think I am HIGHLY functioning ADHD person!! LIKE WOW!  OK B R O W N I E S FOCUS!!!!They were AMAZING!!!! Like really really good AND the kitchen was spotless!! Well done HUBBY I LOVE YOU!!!! He doesn’t read my blog so this all for my readers LOL well I don’t think he reads my blog hmmm do I want him to read my blog….NO I don’t think I do he will just “correct” it! lol SEE ADHD  SOOooooo He took the brownies to work and they were a hit, BUT they did a taste test as there was someone else who brought brownies today so they did a taste off…Hubby lost out 2 votes to 3 poor hubby BUT him being the truly great guy he is; his weekend project is to make a Plaque for the winner…have I mentioned That I love this man!!!

SO today being the first day this week that was productive at home, I had 4 loads of laundry done, the dishes washed and the front patch of grass fertilized and seeded before 1130am!  The afternoon was spent raking and weeding the side patch of grass to get it ready to seed tomorrow; I worked on that from 12:30-til 230 then I went off to the girls school, picked up a few groceries from the Shop rite in town, came back home and worked on it again until 430, then after supper until 630ish when it became too dark to see!  SO I will get up early and finish it as I have coffee date at 10 am, with a lady and Lunch date with my wonderful Sis!!! I am excited about this both the “girl dates” and I am almost done 1/4 of the lawn!!!  We are also going to a Basketball game tomorrow evening! The girls are very excited about this as am I, Hubby probably not so much LOL!

So you can see that I mentioned I popped into the girls school, well for a few reasons, MAINLY to pay for their sports, both girls are going to try Net Ball…I THINK it’s like basketball BUT not….Big E is playing basketball as well as Field Hockey we are about to get busy! SO I had to pay for these and their Uniforms! WHILE I was at the school we get to chatting..IMAGINE IT!   ME Chatting phhhht NO!  Anyway, I have ummmm a bit of reputation at the school with the teachers…they like me as I am well honest when I have NO idea what they are talking about.  We had a meeting a while back, my first Parent link meeting and they were talking about Bum Bags…well I was clueless as to what on earth these could be SO I was giggling away to myself, all you could see what me shaking quietly when I asked…ummmmm What is a BUM BAG!?!??! We all had a good a laugh by that no one could speak for at least 5 minutes or more as we all roared with laughter….and they told be what it was…it’s a Fanny PACK essentially OOOOO OK!!!!! They didn’t use the words Fanny Pack But I did and they all HOWLED at me!!! Which I thought ok…THEN LATER I found out what I said OY VAY!!! NOT to be mentioned on a disney rated blog!!I will forever been known as the Bum Bag lady!!! YES I was actually refered to as this…Someone heard my accent and said OHHHHH you’re the bum bag lady!  SO The next meeting was this week all is going well….we STILL had a laugh over the Bum Bags…all is good I am not embarrassed about this all I think it’s hillarious…we make it to the END of the meeting  I am thinking great I made it to the end and I am NOT laughing because I have no idea whats going; and THEN one lady is now talking about Pokey’s and I am think what on EARTH are they talking about….The city wants more..we don’t need more…they are trying sneak them in…I am utterly confused… I am thinking that A pokey is a Jail…I DUNNO WHAT they are talking about…so again I am giggling to myself and they see me …..UMMM WHAT’S A Pokey….HEAPS of laughter again  they let me know its VLT!!!! OHHHH GOTCHA!! SO this is my reputation with the teachers we have a riot together its heaps of fun I love it!  SO when ever I visit the school office there is alway SOMETHING else that I need to ask them! Sports are paid for! DONE and dusted as they say!  SO of course I have more on my agenda then the sports! Yesterday the girls brought home a note about a Hangi…SO I had to ask what is Hangi….THEY all laughed and said oh my goodness I can’t even IMAGINE what you thought you were invited to!!! So they explained that is a Maori tradition of cooking food in a pit SO we are really looking forward to this now!!! I tell you though the ladies in the office see me coming and they know they are in for a good belly laugh before I done with my business…sometimes I just go there to ask them things that aren’t related to the school at all They are great ladies and they have helped me so much!!!

This weekend is will be more insulating, more weeding raking, I hope to have the lawn fertilized and seeded by Sunday night! Hubby will need a few more weekends to get the house insulated…poor man!  This Friday is the also the last day of the 1st term for the girls…which means they will have 2 weeks off, so we will have some major girl days ahead of us!  I am not entirely sure what we will do for 2 weeks BUT I am sure there is HEAPS that we can do to fill it up in no time at all! We will be going to Pukekera park  a few times I am sure! There is a lake near by that we wanna go see, and we will also take a drive to Stratford and see the big clock there!  So we will have a great term break.

SO according to the schedule that we have for the weekend I don’t know if I will have a chance to make another blog entry before next week! SO have a great weekend and will blog again soon as I can!