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Ain’t it funny how melody can bring back a memory!


Well in this case it’s more like I smell!  When we arrived or more like our stuff arrived there were items that we didn’t need like extra blankets that got put straight into a tote!  Well this evening, being as it’s school Holidays the girls are having a sleep over here with some of their friends and well we need extra blankets….cue the tote….open the tote….OPEN THE FLOOD gate of tears and memories!!!!! I could smell home!! I had my face buried in a pile of blankets and afghans inhaling deeply…mmmmm the smell of fresh CANADIAN laundry!!! Needless to say THOSE blankets got packed away again to preserve the smell for a later date and we found an alternate to using the Canadian smell!

Now if you are country music fan you may have noticed that my last two blog post titles are throw backs to country music..I am a fan of Country music but you don’t hear it here EVER!!! So I will add that to the list of things that I miss about home!!! Country music, big trucks wide open spaces…I love me a big truck!!! This comes from being a small town girl I think, or maybe just from being a prairie girl I am not sure.  BUT I do love ’em!

The girls have had a great time these school holidays, they have had MANY play-dates, sleep overs and adventures!  We had a MAJOR adventure when we went to Mr and Mrs Sheep’s farm WAY way WAY in the “wops” as they call it well I don’t know for certain if where they live is classed as the WOPS but jeez louise it was an adventure the get there.  Absolutely stunningly beautiful when we did get there!  The house is set on the side of hill, and is surrounded by hills every where are hills, trees and you guessed in SHEEP!!  OH and on a side note Mr Sheep as decided that seeing as I call them Mr and Mrs Sheep they will call us Mr and Mrs Beaver!!! ’cause we are Canadian!!!  BUT the girls had a great time they played in the CUTEST play house, the girls were all inside baking and the boys were outside PAINTING it with paint brushes and water HOW CUTE; the farm Pup Tess and the Cat Bone-crusher!  There was lots of laughs, a few tears from some of the wee ones.  Little Tykes cars, they play Petrol Station, we had a “car crash”, a run away Tricycle going down the drive. BUT we all made it out un scraped and happy!  OH and I was introduced to something WONDERFUL….Kiwi’s be ready for a shock Canadians YOU MUST TRY THIS!!! Scones…yes SCONES home-made ones…with Jam and Whipped cream…REAL whipped cream NOT Cool WHIP OMG sooooooooo good!!! This NOT a regular Canadian thing as you can tell by my SHOCK of how YUM it was!!! So good in fact that I will be making my own batch of Scones very very soon for afternoon Tea; yes yes I  just said Afternoon Tea…which is a Mini Meal you have yup in the middle of the afternoon!  There is also Morning Tea which would better for the scones BUT this would mean I have to get up at the crack of SPARROW poo to make these…ahhh pass thanks SO afternoon tea it is!  I have cream in my fridge almost ALL The time YUM cream….you CAN’T buy cream in Canada like this…the closet things is whipping cream and even that isn’t the same. This is like REAL CREAM you get from a  COW! I have said this to some people here and they just look at me strangely as if to say where else would it come from.  I find the milk here is very…Milky if that is even a word but it is much less processed than the milk we get in Canada I think. I am honestly NOT sure what it is BUT I have fresh cows milk and it is quite similar to that.


* This blog was written before the Computer crash so I just refined it a little and will post it now!* I think it’s about 2 weeks old! *  Working on  a new one now!

Weekends…they’re a good thing!

Ruapehu in January 2002

Ruapehu in January 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Hubby having wrapped up all the MAJOR Reno jobs he has some time on his hands and is able to spend some quality time with us! I can’t tell you how much the girls and I are loving having him on the weekends! This weekend was probably the most relaxed weekend we have had in a really long time! On Saturday we had a to make a trip to the “Tip” AKA the dump; as we had a front lawn FULL of bathroom costruction garbage that was laying on my NEW grass.  I wanted it off as soon as possible. SO we lined up a trailer and went to the tip!  It was a beautiful and clear day we could see Mt Ruapehu; which is if you can recall HALF way across the country…that just BLOWS my mind tha on a clear day we can SEE half way across the ENTIRE country…Sorry Ohh look a shiny thing! Where was I oh yes the tip! So went to the Tip and the road to get there is quite narrow and fairly windy BUT with some spectacular views; IF it was a perfect day we could see Mt Ruapehu, Mt Taranaki AND the Ocean from there! Just breath taking! After our scenic drive to the tip we had to make a run into New Plymouth to drop off the trailer I also needed to pick up some Crackers for the appetizer I was making for dinner…we were going to a freinds house for dinner INSERT HAPPY DANCE 🙂 Where was I oh yes Crackers for my Mushroom dip mmmmm Mushroom dip ( said in a Homer Simpson voice) It is sooooo YUMMO!!! OK this post contains WAY to many SHINY THINGS…CRACKERS….SO I litterally HAVE ONE thing to buy which is Crackers this SHOULD take me all of 5 minutes OR less at home….BUT I have NO idea where the crackers live in this grocery store so I have to go up and down every isle until I find them…Which is with the cookies….which ironically is THE first isle in store when I come in THAT I did NOT go down FIRST but….last and only in desperation because I was begining to think they didn’t have crackers! Perfect….now what kind do I buy?!?! Even at home this is difficult decision for me to make as there are just SO many choices!  But here is was nearly IMPOSSIBLE as I had NO idea what ANY of the crackers taste like! Now being as this was our first invite to some friends home I did NOT want bring a CRAPPY appie! SO the pressure was on…I put this on myself of course BUT none the less I am feeling all over whelmed in the cracker isle! SO In the end I choose a Large Veggie flavoured Cracker; which turned out to be like a Vegetable Thins and then a picked a cracker EXACTLY like a RITZ! Both of which is what I was hoping for! PHEW!! We headed back home and I start my labour of love….my mmmmmm mushroom dip it’s sooooo good! I get all put together, give it a quick taste BEFORE it goes into the oven to back all the yummy goodness together; I give it a quick sample before and OH EM GEE THIS IS AWFUL!! OH NO!!! What am I gonna do!?!?! All I can taste is the Mayo :-(…I add more dill and seasoning to see if this will help….I pop it in the oven this is all I have for an appie so I am hoping for the best!  I can blame it all different ingredients… maybe that I didn’t use the recipe because well I have lost it somewhere in the move! BUT here goes nothing I had a 50 50 chance of it needing to be Mayo OR sour cream BUT now that I have tasted it I’m thinking it was sour cream CRAP bugger Crap…OH well nothing I can do! Let’s just hope that onces it all melts together it will be better! SO we get ready I wrap my HOT mushroom dip in a towel gather the crackers, the kids, and the wine and make our way to our friends house! INSERT SIDE NOTE AND EMBARASSING STORY!  NOW I am not sure if I have mentioned Right of ways before now BUT some people here live down Right of way…which to ME should actaully be another street as it has some times up to 5 to 6 house down this REALY loooooong NARROW driveway! It has several post boxes at the end labeled with the addresses; some times it has many house #’s like on my Terrace 5-17 are down one Right of way! SO this makes me nervous when I go anywhere new for fear I will have to make my down a narrow right of way to locate a house….I have actually gone to the wrong house when were buying a second hand fridge down one of these right of ways so it makes me nervous! SO ME being the over preparer I am decide that I will do a quick drive by the house in the afternoon BEFORE the dinner and BEFORE dark so I know exactly where to go! Perfect! They have already told me it is NOT down a right of way; this gives me great relief; and I already have a PRETTY good idea of where it is already due to drives I have taken doing just some general exploring NOT stalking! SO Big E and I have to get wood; yes more wood from the chicken coop OH happy day….AFTER that EVENT I think lets go see exactly where our friends live! SO off we go, I turn the corner, there’s the house EXCELENT easy peezy! LOW and BEHOLD Mr Friend walks OUT the front door JUST as I drive by GREAT now I look like a stalker! WONDERFUL!! We wave, I want to hide under the floor mats;  BUT I smile and wave!  A few minutes later I get a text saying that I should be right to find the place later on now! Gawd! Good times!  When we arrive that night we have a great laugh over this all as that was pretty much the first time he had set foot outside all day! Talk about perfect timing! OH the adventures I get my self into! Me the wonder stalker!!  SO The time comes for the Appy…I am VERY nervous now as this is my YUMMO YUMMO dip I could just EAT it with a spoon it’s THAT good….We all dig in and WOW it was good THANK YOU Cooking Fairies!!!  IT’S The right ingredients after they were in the oven they all melted together into that WONDEROUS Mmmmmmm Mushroom Dip!  Mr Host tells me I can come back again Tee He he I have a giggle and told him that was why I choose that dip as I hoped they would love it and ask us back!

NOW Mr and Mrs. Host cooked an absolutely AMAZING dinner WOW!!! Everything was just..well WOW the lamb was extremely tender and so good it was to hurt for! The veggies were all great! Roasted Potato, Roasted Pumpkin, Yam, Beet room MMMM Leeks with Cream Cheese sauce mmmmmm SOOOO Yummy!  The other couple that came brought dessert and I have to say VERY VERY well done girl!  It was Mr. Host’s birthday as well so she made his Fave which is a Lemon Tart, now to be completley honest Lemon is my LEAST fave thing to eat but I gave it a try and Oh MY it was so amazing! The PERFECT mix of Sweet and Sour! Yummo! OF course Hubby was in HEAVEN with the whole meal he seconds of EVERYTHING! Good JOB Friends and thanks thanks thanks for the great night out! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it! I laughed until my face hurt!!!

This last little while life has been just so great!  I loved here BEFORE I/we were making friends but now that we are making friends and getting OUT I am falling even more in love with living here! This last week has been a week of new friends, a great morning Tea with the new wives from Hubies work, an evening out with great food and wonderful new friends.  I know this doesn’t sit well with my poor family back home BUT I also know that all they want is for me to be happy, well I haven’t been happier!  This country has truly captured my heart and soul!

Well I better get some sleep another big week of fun ahead of us! Blog more soon thanks for reading!


Reno updates new KITTY and lets PARTY!


Well another weekend has come and gone!  I think this was one of the most like “home” weekend we have had!  On Friday night we went for dinner with some people from Hubby’s work the girls had a sleepover at a friends house on the Terrace. We went to a great Indian restaurant, I was so yummo!  After dinner we went for some drinks a pub…and we were still home by 1030!  Hubby then spent all day Saturday under the house. Poor man!  I think he has ONE day left which is TODAY Woo Hoo THEN he will just have to do some “touch ups” where the plumber needs to do his thing to get us a new Bathroom woo hoo; there is something to be said about actually having the toilet IN the bathroom and NOT on the other side of the house!!

It will be soooo nice to have our hubby and Daddy back on the weekends.  Which might be just in time for him to start working for the weekends 😦 BUT we will see how it goes!  ANYWAY Little T had a Bday party to goto on Saturday and Big E and I were going to head into town and go to a cat show…ya I was just as shocked to learn there is CAT SHOW….anyway we WERE going to do that while Miss T was at her party.  I dropped T off headed home to get E ; when the party that I just left Miss T at pulled into the drive behind me. Hmmm what did she forget… NOTHING  It turns out they miss counted the kids that were coming and needed an extra car!  SO it was off to Opanke for the day where the kids played in Bumpits; Which is like a HUGE hamster ball they roll around run in them and bump into each other and have a  general AWESOME time; we went to a local cafe from some fish and chips; Sketchiest place I have EVER been too! The kids were convinced it was haunted, and well I was pretty much in agreement with them! Then off to the beach where the kids played on a playground overlooking the ocean….breath taking!  The parents of the birthday girl felt so bad about having to ask me BUT I told them it was truly my pleasure I got to have an adventure…a few of them AND It got us onto the other side of the mountain and we saw some new part of this BEAUTIFUL country!  I was a tonne of fun! I loved it and the girls had an awesome time!  On the way home, the music was cranked and I had 6:little girls all singing along to the tunes!  We had a blast.

When we got back home the parents asked if the girls could have a sleep over…ALL of them! So they had 10 girls all sleeping over.  BRAVE parents!  Mind you if we had room at our house I would be game for it, but we don’t…so we will have to stick to just one person sleepovers at a time!  The girls had  an amazing weekend!! They are really starting to settle in here;  I love it; THEY love it; it is great and starting to feel more like home every day!

I also made a new friend with the Parents of the birthday girl, we had some great laughs! They are also not from here so this makes it that much easier for us to “bond” I think.  They know what it is like not having family and being in a new place with out friends!  I am LOVEING life.

OK SO RENO UPDATES…… We have our new water system in place and “sticky tap” is no longer a pain!!! I turn on the water and it COMES OUT!!! It’s a miracle! I have torn out the basin in the bathroom, and tried to do rip up the tub Hubby will do that when he gets home from work!

Now I don’t know if I told all but we got a Kitty!!! Yup a tabby cat she is adorable, Miss E “found” her on the Terrace and deemed her as a stray and brought her home.  As it turned out she was NOT a stray BUT the last kitten of a batch of kittens someone was trying to get rid of. SO we have a new addition her name is Maple!!!! I was in the “dog” house for a few days as we both agreed before we left home that we will NOT get a CAT…well I fell in love with here BEFORE I even told Hubby about her….SO there were a few days of tears lots of begging and well now she is ours.  I do feel bad as I don’t normally go against what we agree with BUT this lovely little kitty was worth the fight! I will post a pic soon!

Well friends it is late I am pooped have a big day ahead of me tomorrow!

Blog soon!

Brownies, bum bags, pokeys and a Hangi!


So gluten-free brownie update!  Hubby had to make his own brownies seeing as I had the tummy flu yesterday…Thank you Miss T! He is great baker and APPARENTLY makes his FAMOUS FUDGE!  We have been together for umm 12 years…no thirteen…married for 10 coming on 11 this June; WOW….any way the point is I have NEVER had his FAMOUS FUDGE!!! Hmmm we will have rectify this!!! Where was I going oh ya, he made his own brownies. SO when he hit the kitchen I hear…”this is a pigsty”…  Miss T was sick for a day, I was sick for a day, we had a busy weekend then I spent Monday in town doing errands and looking for gluten-free stuff EPIC fail….NOT cleaning the house…Tuesday was set for house cleaning/laundry day; which turned into…doing many loads of laundry that didn’t need to be done and were only done cause they were… well were met with an unfortunate incident ANY WHO!  When my girls are sick…I will snuggle them and sit with them rub their back and just generally HOVER over them! SO the rest of the house well didn’t get cleaned.  So when hubby went to make his brownies I heard….”its a pigsty in here!” and he set to clean it up! I don’t know why but I felt guilty that he had to do this, I think this is part of the woman syndrome that I can’t seem to get rid of.   I think I should be able to do it all, all the time.  I was sick and hubby didn’t care that I was sick  OR that he had to clean, he NOW however see’s what happens when I am truly doing nothing!  OK again I got side track OH LOOK a shiny thing let’s see it!! LIKE seriously I think I am HIGHLY functioning ADHD person!! LIKE WOW!  OK B R O W N I E S FOCUS!!!!They were AMAZING!!!! Like really really good AND the kitchen was spotless!! Well done HUBBY I LOVE YOU!!!! He doesn’t read my blog so this all for my readers LOL well I don’t think he reads my blog hmmm do I want him to read my blog….NO I don’t think I do he will just “correct” it! lol SEE ADHD  SOOooooo He took the brownies to work and they were a hit, BUT they did a taste test as there was someone else who brought brownies today so they did a taste off…Hubby lost out 2 votes to 3 poor hubby BUT him being the truly great guy he is; his weekend project is to make a Plaque for the winner…have I mentioned That I love this man!!!

SO today being the first day this week that was productive at home, I had 4 loads of laundry done, the dishes washed and the front patch of grass fertilized and seeded before 1130am!  The afternoon was spent raking and weeding the side patch of grass to get it ready to seed tomorrow; I worked on that from 12:30-til 230 then I went off to the girls school, picked up a few groceries from the Shop rite in town, came back home and worked on it again until 430, then after supper until 630ish when it became too dark to see!  SO I will get up early and finish it as I have coffee date at 10 am, with a lady and Lunch date with my wonderful Sis!!! I am excited about this both the “girl dates” and I am almost done 1/4 of the lawn!!!  We are also going to a Basketball game tomorrow evening! The girls are very excited about this as am I, Hubby probably not so much LOL!

So you can see that I mentioned I popped into the girls school, well for a few reasons, MAINLY to pay for their sports, both girls are going to try Net Ball…I THINK it’s like basketball BUT not….Big E is playing basketball as well as Field Hockey we are about to get busy! SO I had to pay for these and their Uniforms! WHILE I was at the school we get to chatting..IMAGINE IT!   ME Chatting phhhht NO!  Anyway, I have ummmm a bit of reputation at the school with the teachers…they like me as I am well honest when I have NO idea what they are talking about.  We had a meeting a while back, my first Parent link meeting and they were talking about Bum Bags…well I was clueless as to what on earth these could be SO I was giggling away to myself, all you could see what me shaking quietly when I asked…ummmmm What is a BUM BAG!?!??! We all had a good a laugh by that no one could speak for at least 5 minutes or more as we all roared with laughter….and they told be what it was…it’s a Fanny PACK essentially OOOOO OK!!!!! They didn’t use the words Fanny Pack But I did and they all HOWLED at me!!! Which I thought ok…THEN LATER I found out what I said OY VAY!!! NOT to be mentioned on a disney rated blog!!I will forever been known as the Bum Bag lady!!! YES I was actually refered to as this…Someone heard my accent and said OHHHHH you’re the bum bag lady!  SO The next meeting was this week all is going well….we STILL had a laugh over the Bum Bags…all is good I am not embarrassed about this all I think it’s hillarious…we make it to the END of the meeting  I am thinking great I made it to the end and I am NOT laughing because I have no idea whats going; and THEN one lady is now talking about Pokey’s and I am think what on EARTH are they talking about….The city wants more..we don’t need more…they are trying sneak them in…I am utterly confused… I am thinking that A pokey is a Jail…I DUNNO WHAT they are talking about…so again I am giggling to myself and they see me …..UMMM WHAT’S A Pokey….HEAPS of laughter again  they let me know its VLT!!!! OHHHH GOTCHA!! SO this is my reputation with the teachers we have a riot together its heaps of fun I love it!  SO when ever I visit the school office there is alway SOMETHING else that I need to ask them! Sports are paid for! DONE and dusted as they say!  SO of course I have more on my agenda then the sports! Yesterday the girls brought home a note about a Hangi…SO I had to ask what is Hangi….THEY all laughed and said oh my goodness I can’t even IMAGINE what you thought you were invited to!!! So they explained that is a Maori tradition of cooking food in a pit SO we are really looking forward to this now!!! I tell you though the ladies in the office see me coming and they know they are in for a good belly laugh before I done with my business…sometimes I just go there to ask them things that aren’t related to the school at all They are great ladies and they have helped me so much!!!

This weekend is will be more insulating, more weeding raking, I hope to have the lawn fertilized and seeded by Sunday night! Hubby will need a few more weekends to get the house insulated…poor man!  This Friday is the also the last day of the 1st term for the girls…which means they will have 2 weeks off, so we will have some major girl days ahead of us!  I am not entirely sure what we will do for 2 weeks BUT I am sure there is HEAPS that we can do to fill it up in no time at all! We will be going to Pukekera park  a few times I am sure! There is a lake near by that we wanna go see, and we will also take a drive to Stratford and see the big clock there!  So we will have a great term break.

SO according to the schedule that we have for the weekend I don’t know if I will have a chance to make another blog entry before next week! SO have a great weekend and will blog again soon as I can!