Mid Winter…in JULY!??!?!


So here we are in July, and its mid winter yup mid WINTER, it is the strangest thing ever, well I am sure that having Christmas MID summer will beat this hands down BUT for now this is strange!  I am an avid weather watcher for New Zealand and back home, and this week back home its going to hit +35 woooo hooo NOW that’s an amazing summer day!  Here the nights are chilly, they get down to about +2 or the lowest we’ve had so far I think is -1 yup dipped below the 0 mark folks, when Hubby leaves for work I can hear him trying to clear his window that is covered in a THICK frost a window scraper would come in handy but we didn’t pack honestly didn’t think we would need it!  BUT we live at the base of the Mountain so it get quite frosty out here in the mornings, but my mid morning and in the afternoons its quite nice gets up to around +10 or +15 last week we had a day of 17 it was amazing! That was a great day and I went to Cafe in town and had lunch with a friend we sat out on the veranda and ate and basked in the sun…I think we got a wee bit of sun as we were both quite flush when we left…no wine was NOT the reason for that I actually had a Chai Latte mmmmm so yum! But it felt like a nice warm spring day.  There is still a crispness in the air, but it does warm up and you can go out side with no jacket, sandals if you want….most kiwis don’t wear shoes, it’s quite shocking at first walking into shops and there are people with NO SHOES, brings me straight back to the signs of NO SHIRT ,NO SHOES, NO SERVICE back home but here it’s NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEM! However I don’t actually think I have a seen some one shirtless in the shops; mental note to watch for that come summer.  BUT the point is it’s ODD, between that and the girls in school in July. All things we need to adjust to, but it’s all part of the adventure.

The girls are doing well, they are still in sport Netball games every Friday night, and basketball is every Monday night.  Big E is really starting to come out of her shell her game for basketball is REALLY improving, however Mommy made a judgement error and cheaped out on the shoes and she is slip sliding on the court; so she gets ANOTHER pair of shoes; WOO HOO shoe shopping!!!  THe other they played against a really strong team, all boys and they lost by 12 points but played an amazing game. I was so proud of her for getting into the game and not backing down to the boys, she still needs to be more aggressive BUT she is making progress!  But poor Em got called for traveling; because when she caught the ball she slid in her shoes, bad call by the ref I think, BUT new shoes it is! The last few games she made a few baskets and got a loads of passes with assists she is really coming into her own on the court it is so nice to see. Little Miss T is still enjoying netball, but because of the nature of the game she doesn’t get much action with the ball just depends on position she plays, the players are restricted on where they can go and who can shoot.  There are only two positions that you are allowed to shoot from.  Also in some cases she just stands at on end of the court until the ball comes back to the end if she is in a certain position.  She likes it but she is a little board and hoping for more action on the court.  She says is going to do basketball as soon as she is old enough to join the team.

Hubby is still enjoying his job, he is still out at Site working on a project, and he thinks he will be there until after Christmas; which is a good thing for him he is enjoying being on site and out of the cubicle. Our major jobs around the house are complete, well the ones he is doing;  the bathroom reno is still an ongoing project; update to follow.  We have re-done a dresser into an entertainment unit; he cut 3 pieces of MDF for shelves and I sanded it down and re finished it, he has made me end tables to paint and also a shelving unit for new bathroom in the back room.  I have painted all of these and they are in place and looking wonderful.  We also purchased new lights for all the rooms in the house; they look ummmmm AMAZING, the only room that we haven’t replaced the light in is the kitchen as I refuse to do that until we decide what kind of Reno we are doing in there.  Which I think we will wait for my Dear Father in-law *SURPRISE* to come over and help us DIY it as I am not sure about New Zealand Trades people, I am just a spoiled princess when I comes to Renovations I guess!

ON that note I will do a Bathroom update!

The bath liner had to be removed…I am sure I mentioned this as it wasn’t installed properly, and we are waiting for them come back and re install it.  I am ok with waiting and they are being very good and letting me know what’s going on; they are working on a complete house overhaul and have the roof OFF someones house so that one takes the lead over my new Bathroom.  I am so glad we put in the shower in the backroom; as a Temporary  thing!  I can’t wait to have a BATH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a nice Relax in the Tub, glass of wine, bubbles ahhh bliss just as relaxing as it can get! BUT until then I just wait!

OK so what’s going on with me! hmmmm Well we went to a quiz night the other night with some friends, we were the Can a Kiwi’s 3 Canadian and 3 Kiwis! They were umm 18-19 teams and we came in 3rd place!  Pat on the back for us! This was the first community event that we have been invited to and I have to say it was a great great time!  The feeling from the room was similar to home, the waves across the room, the good-natured ribbing.  It was held in a SMALL hall outside of town that reminded me of the small town halls, MUCH  MUCH smaller than “my town’s hall’ Similar to a Town up the road from where I grew up, almost like an old school;  and it was BYO which lead into a very odd series of texts between my friends and I.  First I needed to clarify that BYO meant; boozy drink or what ever you want to drink, cause nothing says awkward showing up at an event with a Booze bottle in hand went it meant something totally different! Then, we wanted to know what each other was bringing, one friend was bringing KGB,  the next text is from the Sheep lady bringing Breezers and then she says Ya I am a RTD girl!  As I am reading the texts I am LOST utterly LOST…So I ask if they could give a Canadian some help as I am now concerned that one of my dear Friends might be a Russian Spy and the other one I HAVE NO idea what the heck she is talking about…I am ASSUMING that RTD means Ready To Drink; and yes I am correct!  Phew I am not totally LOOSING it and I am slowly getting the hang of the this Kiwi abbreviations for EVERYTHING, and it turns out KGB is a Vodka cooler quite fitting I think I wasn’t totally out to lunch Vodka is Russian she’s just not a spy PHEW!  SO now that have riddled out what we are all drinking and that we have to bring it and the cups to hold what we are drinking; we are sorted.  My friend; who has 6000ish YES SIX THOUSANDish sheep; will pick us up at 7 and we will make our way to the Hall.  Now after she and her Hubby pick us up, we begin the journey; I had ASSUMED; NEVER EVER ASSUME I should KNOW this by now;  this hall was IN town. NOPE we are on our way out of town in the dark to an undisclosed location and I am NOW very thank full they have picked us up as I did NOT do my customary drive by to see where we are going AKA pre stalking the location; rather embarrassing ONLY if you get busted right Mr Host who caught me last time *insert shameful blushing*.  SO we are in good hands with the Sheep peeps who lead us straight to the hall, our Cupcake friend who was in front of us went RIGHT passed the hall…PHEW that would have been me!  BUT we all made it JUST in time for the quiz to begin!   SO for quiz there was 6 rounds I THINK of questions. We did quite well in all areas we had a vast array of knowledge at the table, but poor Mr Sheep  was THE only person who could answer anything to do with Sport and we; that would be the Royal WE;  nailed almost every question in the category WELL Done Mr Sheep!  It came down to a tie breaker for 3rd place and we won…well we won 3rd place.  OUR prize a GIANT umbrella and a Bar of Chocolate!  SCORE!!! It was a great night tonnes of laughs, and it was finished off with FOOD yes a customary “mid night lunch” New Zealand style!  Sausage Rolls, Sweeties, Sandwiches, mini meat pies, and CAKE!  All in all a great night!

*SIGH* it feels more and more like home everyday!  Thanks for reading I will blog again soon!

Balance means learning to say No :-(


We all want “IT” we all seek “IT” we all wish we had “IT”. What is “IT”?  Balance of course… BUT the truth is I don’t think there really is a “balance” how do you balance so much stuff on one plate. I used to say that I was amazed that my little Tea Saucer could hold a Turkey Platter full of “stuff” well the truth is. It didn’t;  well it did to a certain point but something had to suffer. We strive to have it all, the career, the kids, be the amazing wife, the happy home, the clean home, the home-made cookies. But the fact is we can’t have it all we sure can try; but I don’t think it can happen. We always in the end feeling like some where down the line we have let some one down, forgot something OR we just live on pure caffeine so we can do it all. We stress ourselves out so much about the balance…What is the balance? What is the “perfect life”? Is it the life where we all paste on smiles and pretend like it’s ok?

Or is the one where the Mom has on the apron and makes sure every one is taken care of; everything is perfect and couldn’t be better!?

All I am saying is that no matter what your role is we are our own worst enemy! It’s true! We say YES I can bake 24 cupcakes for the school baking…you need them when? Tomorrow!!!!???!! 😦 NO Problem! 🙂 We say, YES I can volunteer on my ONLY day off in the last 3 weeks. Ya the one where I had hoped to do something for myself like I dunno take a long bath with NO ONE KNOCKING AT THE DOOR! Or Poking their fingers underneath, like you are the last person on the planet and they NEED to see you RIGHT now for fear that you are going to get drained out their life for ever with the bath water and they will NEVER EVER SEE YOU AGAIN! BUT Yes I would love to give up my free day! As Mothers and wives and women we do these thing; we do them for so many reasons.

  1. We love our children more than life itself; if you ever doubt this think of how you felt the last time they came home from school having a bad day. Your heart broke for them you were shattered and you would gladly go to school and shatter who ever has hurt your child. SEE LOVE! Do we want strangle them ourselves…sometimes daily! BUT We love ’em!
  2. We want our children to have the everything! We want them to look back at growing up and say WOW life was good back then…can I go back and be a kid again.
  3. Our job is to teach them how to do the right thing to teach them to be selfless, even when we want to be selfish, to give freely to others, to help others in the their time of need even it that means staying up until midnight baking cupcakes. We are making positive impressions on our kids.

This is not meant to add pressure onto the already over pressured Moms! But more of a lets step back and look; would someone else bake the cupcakes, most likely so do we HAVE To say yes every time NO we don’t, ya look there is that word NO…we find it almost impossible to utter it as Women because WE ARE SUPER WOMEN AND WE CAN DO IT ALL!!! Yes we are; and yes we can. We do it all for everyone else, and sometimes forget about our selves. Which is where the balance thing falls to pieces! We give, give, give, yes, yes, yes, ourselves into an absolute shattered mess some days! We have to learn that word NO we can say it to our children with ease…well I can! We can say it the annoying telephone person trying to tell you your computer is about to crash! BUT when someone asks us to help them out, volunteer and so on we say YES I can do that! Even though we are thinking this…. I don’t know how because I have to pick up the kids, take them to the sport activity, pick up the dry cleaning, feed the kids cause they are FAMISHED and will soon DIE if they don’t eat NOW, then drop off the cat and pick up the dry cleaning….or was it pick up the cat and drop off the dry cleaning. Take the kids home say HI to husband. BUT yes once I have done all that I can swing by and do that thing. Then I will rush home put the kids to bed. After all the rushing you oooooze into the house completely shattered, pour your self a NICE glass/bottle of wine go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Weekends are no longer for resting! These are filled with activities, sports, dance competitions, tournaments, busy busy busy, DIY home projects or just home projects that will prevent the home from falling apart!

THE point is we are all BUSY it’s crazy;  the pressure that is put on us. Some of it is from our selves some from society but the pressure is there. I felt it back home, but I  feel it here.  Not nearly as much as I did back in Canada but I am certain that is because I am home and I am able to do all the things that I want with the kids.  I can be the Yes person at the school I can be the last-minute cupcake mom. BUT again there has to be a balance. I lost sight of this balance for quite some time, but now my peeps it’s time for me to take it back.  So if you are a member of my community you will hear the word NO come from my mouth, please don’t faint. I am not doing it to offend you, I am on a mission to be ME.  A healthy balanced me that I was before children; which I refer to as B.C 🙂

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to BREATH and it’s ok to say NO!!!

The town that built me!


So as I have been trying to write this post for 3 days but can’t seem to keep my brain on task OR the tears from blocking my vision to see what I have typed!

I have said it time and time again that I love it here but it is on weekends like this that I just wanna go home! JUST for the weekend then come back which is an impossibility! I wish I may I wish I might have this wish I tonight….Can we please just make a door between Canada and New Zealand! That is all!

So as I type this I know that my little town back home is busting at the seams with people who have come home to celebrate the centennial of the R.M, I woke to a phone FULL of pictures that my Momma took of the parade THANK YOU!! It was awesome as I flipped through them it took me right back to my childhood sitting on the edge of the sidewalk buzzing with anticipation of the parade, the candies that might be thrown from the floats, the kids on the bikes, the horses, the old cars, the streamers, the crepe paper flowers that would fall off the floats and we would RUSH into the streets to gather them up and make a beautiful bouquet! I was in the parade one year just after I had learned to ride my bike I was SOOO proud; I remember my Dad and I winding the streamers through the spokes of my bike tires…yes it’s spelled TIRES not TYRES…I was so excited I couldn’t wait!  I rode proud as peacock down main street, TRYING to wave to the people I would QUICKLY pick one hand off the handle bars and wave, WOBBLE then grab the handle bars again! I remember my best friend riding with me WAVING away SHE had been riding here pink and white bike with a banana seat for MUCH longer than I had!  Oh but I loved it I still can feel what it felt like to be riding down the street the whole town smiling at you as we drove the parade route!! It’s amazing what you remember from your childhood in a FLOOD of memories that are brought on from a  photo.  I can close my eyes and see it all so clearly.  The sun brightly shining in the sky the WHOLE town out to see the parade!  It’s just such an amazing thing, the sense of belonging that you have without even knowing what that is!

I started writing this post again yesterday while the town would have been at various activities and again become too overwhelmed with emotion to finish SO I am starting again for the 4th time!! 4th times the charm right?!?!?!

I am so PROUD of the people who put this amazing event on! Well done everyone!  OH and I got my cookbook Thanks, when ever there is new Cookbook out for my community I must have it!  I may have to alter some recipes to get them to work here but it’s just so awesome to have it part of home here! Sorry I was Congratulating the committee!! This was a HUGE event and by the sounds of it, it went off without a hitch!  Way to go! Last night they hosted almost 500 people…496 I think; for a sitdown REG’S O EM GEE to HURT for…insert drooling pause…Roast beef dinner….they also put on a show and shine, quilt show, BINGO; NO event is complete with out a BINGO, a beer gardens….for those of you who don’t know that is NOT a wonderous garden that grows beer it’s an out-door bar, and they also had a simulated ride in the new Grader, an AMAZING fireworks display (as I heard it described from many on Facebook) entertainment that started at 3pm and had the Johner Brothers on stage; VERY cool I might add; and went on to the wee hours of the Morning I am guessing at least 2am then I am quite certain there was an after party or a few after parties somewhere.  BUT when a small town puts  on an event there is nothing quite like it!  EVERYONE comes out to support the town, see their friends and neighbours; EAT….I can just picture the desert table…and have an amazing time!   The faces that you see scattered around the Curling rink are all face that you know and not just a face that you have seen in passing here and there in town you actually know every face, every person.  You know their kids, their grandkids their dogs and cats, horses, cows, where their land is, what kind of combine they drive, if they are a Ford person a Chevvy person…or LORD forbid Dodge!!  You’ve seen them all through some of the most difficult times of their lives and helped them celebrate the most joyous ones as well!  This rink full of people are more than just faces these are the people who support one another the people who will lend you hand if needed; even give you the shirt off their back if the call was there. People in a small town Saskatchewan are more that just people they are family!  It fills my heart with pride to know that is the town that built me!  THIS is where my heart…well a part of it…This is what formed me into what I am today…this is what I base what feels like home on. Here people say it’s sooooo hard to fit into a small town, it’s so difficult break the inner sanctum of the people who have been here for ever.  I know what that is like, I’ve been a small Towner and I have seen what “the new people” go through BUT if you become part of the community it’s completely different story!  You are welcomed with open loving arms of the wonderful family and it just an amazing thing!  Where I live needs to have the sense of community, that sense of safety, the feeling of ahhhhh I am home when I arrive!  I am so luck to have found that on the other side of the world as well.  Cause let me tell you that with how much I want to be home for this event and other things that will be happening at home I have love it here an awful lot to stay and  NOT jump on a plane and come back! SO instead I sent my Dad in my place, he had instructions to give my Hellos to everyone I knew….which is most likely ALL 500 people, and many many hugs to all of you cause this is the town the built me!

More and more like home!


So having been here for just a wee while every day feels more and more like home!  This week has been a week of sweet little surprises!  One day I had a great little treat, my neighbour popped in for Tea!!! We sat here on couch and we talked and laughed and cried! She lives down the “right away”  so we don’t actually see each other every day like we would if we lived in Canada where all the houses are on the street, but our kids play together almost daily! As we sat on the couch she said the she has been meaning to tell me something but just hasn’t had a chance, ok I said shoot.  She said that she wanted to Thank me for leaving everything behind in Canada and moving here. That my girls have been an answer to her prayers, she said that she had literally prayed for someone anyone to come who would be a good friend for her daughter…she said with a smile and tears in her eyes and half-hearted laugh I even remember saying that I don’t care if they have to come from the other side of the World!  And here we are.  She was over the moon when her daughter came home and said she had to the coolest girl in her class she moved here from Canada.  The mom thought oh that’s nice!  THEN we moved onto her Terrace and she came to meet us and knew that her prayers had been answered.

I have to say that, THAT is the most powerful thing I have ever heard!  I have never been told that I am OR my kids are the answer to someones prayers, it’s almost daunting now know that we have some pretty big shoes to fill.  BUT we got her by being us and we will continue to stay here by being us!

The next day I had another lady POP in just to drop off a few Cake pans I had loaned her and she ended staying for almost 2 hours.  We talked about all sorts of things, and I kept asking her to come in and sit, have some Tea or a cold drink. BUT she insisted that she couldn’t stay! It was a great visit in the door way!

As you all know I also volunteer at the school on Wednesday mornings and I am in the green window.  I really love it, the kids are all so sweet they all smile and are very very polite. I love how their little faces light up when I smile back at them, or when they file past the window after the bell has rung to goto the library or the hall they all give a smile and a wave sometimes a meek Hi! BUT this Wednesday was a little different as they were filing by the window a familar face saw me, as he passed the window I saw him get brighter and brighter in his smile and he was recognizing me as someone who he knew and NOT just from the green window from his home! As we was ALMOST passed the green window he said in his little boy voice; which is VERY LOUD as little boys are;  and his cute little Kiwi Accent I LOVE YOU! Well I was laughing so hard I was almost unable to function for a good minute! I was very glad to have a witness as the principal of the school also heard it! We had a really good laugh!  She said there’s a good one for your blog…hmmm which makes me wonder if she reads my blog!

The girls have spent every day after school in the “bush” playing they RUSH home from school have afternoon tea ( a snack) then head out to the bush to play until Dinner time!  It is soooo nice that they love it here so much, they get to play outside for hours at a time, I don’t really have to worry too much about them, they turn up at 5 just in time for dinner. I love living in a small town it reminds me of “home”.

I am working on a post for my home town it is their R.M’s  centennial weekend this weekend and I wish more than anything I could be home for it, but I can’t so I will be sending my love to you all back home! The population of the little town that built me will double this weekend!! It will be a great time had by all!

Well it’s time for me to get ready for the day! I hope you all enjoy yours to my Canadian readers keep cool to my Kiwi readers keep warm!  Thanks for reading and I will blog soon!

Proud as a Peacock!



  • Painters have come and gone…not TOTALLY loving the color yet…but I think once the shower curtain is up and the accessories are in place it will be ok!
  • Tiles are in and I LOVE them!
  • Bath Liner AKA Tub Surround has to be redone it didn’t adhere properly to the wall.
  • Plumber is on standby ready to come at a moments notice once Bath liner is replaced

In short there is a brighter light at the end of the Bathroom reno tunnel!

So this week there was assembly day at the girls school, and I normally attend them  however not as regularly as I did when they first started school but I try to make it to them.  I love going to them I will never forget the first one attended, it was a just within the first weeks of us arriving here.  The kids all filed into the Hall at the school, sat on the floor and waited for the beginning of the assembly.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I certainly didn’t think I would have the reaction that I did. Then came the Karakia which a Maori prayer that is said before a meeting or gathering , at the beginning of the day and or at the end of the day.  The kids all stood up and said this wonderful prayer in maori it was very touching to see and hear. Next they all sang the same Karakia which was followed by the national anthem, I was very glad I was in the back alone because as I stood there I become so over come with emotion that this was the school that we had chosen for our children, I was so proud that they will part of this wonderful school community and family! I cried, tears streamed down my face and I almost broke into the ugly cry you ALL know what the ugly cry is it’s the one where your face distorts into most AWFUL shape possible and you sob!  Ya I am an emotional sap at the best of times when it comes to things like this but there was something that just so soul filling that was coming from this school that it just got me! SO back to THIS weeks assembly! BOTH girls were given awards, Big E was chosen as a student of the week AND got her second golden reach!  Little T got her 1st and 2nd golden reaches in ONE week Well done girlie AND she was also Super Snooped by the REACH squad ( I will explain REACH in a second).  Her name wasn’t chosen as the winner but it was so nice to hear my girls names mentioned so many times in the assembly they really are doing well and becoming part of the school!  I love it! I didn’t have many reservations about moving over here BUT the one thing that I was really nervous about was how well would the girls do I could NOT be more proud of how well they have handled all the changes that we have thrown their way. They are doing really really well.  Have they had a few melt downs YES yes they have!  Have I had  few melt downs as well…YES yes I sure have!  BUT I have also noticed that they really really depend on ME and feed off of my energy when I am down they are down if I am having a great day they will 99% of the time be alright as well.  So it really is true if you put out positive you get back positive!

SO REACH is a program that the girls school uses to promote positive behaviour and interpersonal relationships.  Respect for ourselves others & authority learning & achievement property and the environment,  Expect the best that you can be the best that others can be Achieve through opportunity achieve as much as possible become involved and contribute Communicate effectively and appropriately Hauora Feel good about yourself Be safe physically and emotionally.  This is focused on in ever aspect of the school and it is truly a great program.  The super snoopers watch all the kids and give them points ( I think) and also bring their names to assembly to let it be known that they have done a  good job this week with their REACH goals.  It makes these students become very independent and aware,  not only themselves but their peers as well.  This shows not only at the school but once they leave the school.  I had a conversation the other day with one of the moms at the school and we were discussing what High School her kids are going to, and to be honest we had given New Plymouth all girls high school serious thought, no boys to distract the girls this could be a good thing.  BUT the more we are here the more we are experiencing the community and the soul of these schools the more I know I want the girls to continue onto the local high school.  This lady was telling me that the teachers at the High School here will know what kids come from this Primary school as they are very independent and hard-working students!  That is great to hear!

So this was a great week for us!  The girls are just doing so well I couldn’t be happier!  The curve balls we have thrown at them, and they have just caught them smiled and threw that ball back and said lets play!   I think we are raising some well-adjusted little women! PHEW Insert GIANT sigh of relief!  Mind you we haven’t hit the teens this blog will change a GREAT deal then I am sure of it…I will also need a LOT more wine I Daddy better get his game face sorted before those boys come knocking at the door!!

Well I have blabbered on for long enough I have more blogs that I am working on as well!   So blog more soon and as  always thanks for reading!!

Poof she’s GONE!


I have kind of gone awol sorry! Some weeks I wow you with how incredibly WINDY I am and other weeks well not so much!! It has been awhile since I blogged life here has kinda taken over for a bit BUT here I am and ready with for an update for you!


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY WE HAVE HEAT!!!!!!!!! Central heating OHHHH MY ITS Roasty toasty in here!! I love it!!!
  • The flooring the new bathroom has gone down
  • The Vanity is installed
  • We are waiting on Paint and Tile Before the plumber can come back and finish up we are soooo close!!!! I can’t wait!
  • Front door has been measured and we are waiting on an estimate. Old one is a TAD drafty…meaning I some times can’t tell if it’s OPEN or SHUT!

The flooring looks AWESOME!! I LOVE IT! IF we redo the Kitchen I will use the same thing for sure!! SO much to update you on where do I start hmmmm OK Well lets start with heating!!! It’s a modern day MIRACLE!!! We have heating I love love love coming home to a warm home! One where I DON’T have to start the fire to make the lounge warm, I don’t have to chop wood, I don’t have to sweat in the lounge and freeze in the toilet! One where it is the same tempreture all over the house! It’s just wonderful!! All you Canadians who read my blog don’t take your warm homes for granted!!! We have wonderfully constructed warm homes that well are just warm and we don’t give it second thought!

Now that my house is warm and toasty I am enjoying being here again not HERE New Zealand my love for this country has not changed, HERE as in IN my home! I was NOT enjoy being home and if I was here I rarely left the warmth of the lounge. So needless to say I didn’t do a lot of extra baking or cooking just the basics. Well the last week and a half I have baked, I have made home-made soups I have cleaned and cleaned. I have just enjoyed being home! SO much so that I don’t want to leave I might just become a warm Hermit!!!

I mentioned the flooring was in, and I love it!!! This of course DID NOT go in without an issue SO The Floor Layers arrive GOOD about an hour LATE BUT they are HERE, AWESOME!!!! Side note as I type this I am waiting for the painters WHO didn’t show up at ALL last week and are now and HOUR late!…..so I show the floor layers what needs doing, and the guy right away notices the heat vent in the floor! He says; What’s that? I say It’s a heat vent. He replies Does it work?? I say YUP it was just installed last week works WONDERFULLY!!!! He is looking at this hole with the most bewildered look and says Hmmmm. I say SO DON’T COVER IT UP!!! Ya can you see where this is going?!!?!??!?! He says sure thing NO problem! SO We also want a small strip of lino layed in front of the new shower in the back. He says he needs a few more tiles ripped off NOT a worry I can do that!!! I start by getting a Putty Knife, and a flat head screw driver and proceed to slip on the first or second attempt and SPRAY blood from my knuckle EVERYWHERE ewwwwwwwwww I Almost pass out from the pain and the Ewwwwwww factor!!!! SO I get up and get some tissue and go check on MR. in the bathroom who is using some form of a grinder/sander on the floor and the SMELL OOOOO EM GEEEE GROSS! SO I open the window in the dining room to help that issue. He sees my hand dripping with blood and says OH that hurts, I have a scraper you could use for the tile might be easier. Grrrr OK. SO with his handy-dandy scraper which works like a hot knife through butter I peel the tiles off! NOW I was asked to go to a friend’s house for coffee and I am sure coffee is over BUT they are still there so I tell the floor dude I will be back in an hour will he be ok!? YUP he says OK And off I go…I come back about 2 hours later I can see the flooring is down when I walk in….IT LOOKS AWESOME I say…..BUT ummmm WHERE is my floor vent!?!??! Ohhh NO he says!!! SO after MUCH discussion on WHAT he thinks he needs to do….AND me saying NOPE that won’t work NOPE that won’t HE Finally comes up with the PROPER solution. Which I knew all along I was just seeing if this MUPPET can figure it out on his own! SO he cut out the hole for the VENT….allowing ALL the bits of wood to fall DOWN the vent GRRRRRRR BUT it got cut out that was ALL I really cared about!!!! All in all he did do a great job! He just covered up my heat vent!!! Silly MAN!

SO we have HEAT!!! We ALMOST have beautiful and working bathroom! Things are looking up!

I am sorry to do this but I have to go to a dark area! It has been a rough week for me. It was Fathers Day in Canada and I was here….It was my Birthday and I was here AND it’s my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and I am here and will miss out on all the Family get togethers. NOW I know that I knew all this before we left to come here, I also knew I would miss out family gatherings, weddings, births, graduations. BUT it just SUCKS when there so many in such a SHORT time!!!! SO needless to say I spent my New Zealand birthday well wallowing in sadness, NOT because I’m getting OLD…BUT because I knew there would be no birthday cards, no cake, no Besties… So I struggled. I cried…and I cried…and I cried some more!!! Emotional train wreck is what that day was! BUT as I know LIFE it was you make of it! If you focus on the negative THAT is exactly what you will get back! First thing in the morning I got some very sad sad news a friend of mines Mom passed away. She was truly one of the warmest loveliest ladies who showed you her warmth and love ALWAYS! She was one of those Mom’s who just exude that Motherly instinct that I had mentioned in a previous post (if you click the word post it will take you there). She will be truly missed; but because she was just an amazing woman her spirit will surround her daughter and grandkids for ever. This just sort of set the mood for the day, me in a pit of self wallowing! I went to a dear friends house and picked up my Cupcakes for the tea at the school, and she had an amazing cupcake for my birthday…which made me cry!!! She makes THE best OMG cupcakes EVA!!! like seriously WOW!!! Delish Cupcakes if you are in New Zealand you HAVE to try these!!! Sorry distracted just by the mear THOUGHT of her cupcakes….OK so where was I OH yes WALLOWING After spending the day at the girls school helping in their class rooms, having Morning Tea for the new families, and it being grandparents day as well. I went home and crashed. We had planned to go out for dinner, frankly I wasn’t in the mood SO when Miss T said lets just stay home and have Pizza and watch a movie. So that is how we spent my New Zealand birthday BUT I have to say that the highlight of the night was a our walk. We went for a quick stroll at about 730, just down the Terrace and around the corner, our new Cat Maple followed us; as cats do. SO it has been raining for days, which make puddles very plentiful. Miss Maple is RUNNING like a crazy Kitty everywhere, dashes in front of us….dashes back, dashes RIGHT into a HUGE puddle that was pretty camouflaged as it was a HOLE in the boulevard. She fell RIGHT IN!!!! HOPPED out and her tail was sooooo puffed up I laughed and laughed and laughed!!! Her Next escapade was with a cement wall, which I am pretty sure she thought was a wooden fence, as she tried TWICE to climb it running at it and UP it then back down…she is quite the acrobatic little thing! That was the highlight of my actually New Zealand Birthday! The next day was my Canadian Birthday! Which was MUCH MUCH better I can’t BELIVE how many happy wishes I got from Friends and Family from near and far it was just wonderful!!! My Facebook page was going crazy! I tried to “like” all the posts that I received IF I missed yours sorry there were HEAPS it felt so nice to have that much love received! That night I asked for a Canadian Bday and family said SURE so we went out to dinner for a neat place called Marbles, it’s a HUGE buffet and I ate until I almost burst and I had THE best Pavlova OMG it was to HURT for wow it was good!!! LIKE REALLY REALLY good I was full when I start dessert, and I had 2 Pavlova’s….and SERIOUSLY considered a 3rd! It was THAT good!

I am truly loving it here but this week well it was just a little too much, which also why the Blog has been quite, I wasn’t sure what I could say that make this sounds better. BUT I have risen from the GLOOM and all is great again! I love it here and I am making some pretty FAB friends and life it is good! I know that there will be some peaks and valleys in this journey but it was a pretty deep Valley I was in the other day! Well I hope this wasn’t TOO windy and too sad for my family to read, I glossed it up pretty good but I said when I started this there would so good, some bad and some ugly parts to this blog, well I think I covered them all in this one!

Well thanks for reading…sorry for sad bits! BUT I am MUCH better now and happy AS to be here!

Blog again soon!

Weekends…they’re a good thing!

Ruapehu in January 2002

Ruapehu in January 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With Hubby having wrapped up all the MAJOR Reno jobs he has some time on his hands and is able to spend some quality time with us! I can’t tell you how much the girls and I are loving having him on the weekends! This weekend was probably the most relaxed weekend we have had in a really long time! On Saturday we had a to make a trip to the “Tip” AKA the dump; as we had a front lawn FULL of bathroom costruction garbage that was laying on my NEW grass.  I wanted it off as soon as possible. SO we lined up a trailer and went to the tip!  It was a beautiful and clear day we could see Mt Ruapehu; which is if you can recall HALF way across the country…that just BLOWS my mind tha on a clear day we can SEE half way across the ENTIRE country…Sorry Ohh look a shiny thing! Where was I oh yes the tip! So went to the Tip and the road to get there is quite narrow and fairly windy BUT with some spectacular views; IF it was a perfect day we could see Mt Ruapehu, Mt Taranaki AND the Ocean from there! Just breath taking! After our scenic drive to the tip we had to make a run into New Plymouth to drop off the trailer I also needed to pick up some Crackers for the appetizer I was making for dinner…we were going to a freinds house for dinner INSERT HAPPY DANCE 🙂 Where was I oh yes Crackers for my Mushroom dip mmmmm Mushroom dip ( said in a Homer Simpson voice) It is sooooo YUMMO!!! OK this post contains WAY to many SHINY THINGS…CRACKERS….SO I litterally HAVE ONE thing to buy which is Crackers this SHOULD take me all of 5 minutes OR less at home….BUT I have NO idea where the crackers live in this grocery store so I have to go up and down every isle until I find them…Which is with the cookies….which ironically is THE first isle in store when I come in THAT I did NOT go down FIRST but….last and only in desperation because I was begining to think they didn’t have crackers! Perfect….now what kind do I buy?!?! Even at home this is difficult decision for me to make as there are just SO many choices!  But here is was nearly IMPOSSIBLE as I had NO idea what ANY of the crackers taste like! Now being as this was our first invite to some friends home I did NOT want bring a CRAPPY appie! SO the pressure was on…I put this on myself of course BUT none the less I am feeling all over whelmed in the cracker isle! SO In the end I choose a Large Veggie flavoured Cracker; which turned out to be like a Vegetable Thins and then a picked a cracker EXACTLY like a RITZ! Both of which is what I was hoping for! PHEW!! We headed back home and I start my labour of love….my mmmmmm mushroom dip it’s sooooo good! I get all put together, give it a quick taste BEFORE it goes into the oven to back all the yummy goodness together; I give it a quick sample before and OH EM GEE THIS IS AWFUL!! OH NO!!! What am I gonna do!?!?! All I can taste is the Mayo :-(…I add more dill and seasoning to see if this will help….I pop it in the oven this is all I have for an appie so I am hoping for the best!  I can blame it all different ingredients… maybe that I didn’t use the recipe because well I have lost it somewhere in the move! BUT here goes nothing I had a 50 50 chance of it needing to be Mayo OR sour cream BUT now that I have tasted it I’m thinking it was sour cream CRAP bugger Crap…OH well nothing I can do! Let’s just hope that onces it all melts together it will be better! SO we get ready I wrap my HOT mushroom dip in a towel gather the crackers, the kids, and the wine and make our way to our friends house! INSERT SIDE NOTE AND EMBARASSING STORY!  NOW I am not sure if I have mentioned Right of ways before now BUT some people here live down Right of way…which to ME should actaully be another street as it has some times up to 5 to 6 house down this REALY loooooong NARROW driveway! It has several post boxes at the end labeled with the addresses; some times it has many house #’s like on my Terrace 5-17 are down one Right of way! SO this makes me nervous when I go anywhere new for fear I will have to make my down a narrow right of way to locate a house….I have actually gone to the wrong house when were buying a second hand fridge down one of these right of ways so it makes me nervous! SO ME being the over preparer I am decide that I will do a quick drive by the house in the afternoon BEFORE the dinner and BEFORE dark so I know exactly where to go! Perfect! They have already told me it is NOT down a right of way; this gives me great relief; and I already have a PRETTY good idea of where it is already due to drives I have taken doing just some general exploring NOT stalking! SO Big E and I have to get wood; yes more wood from the chicken coop OH happy day….AFTER that EVENT I think lets go see exactly where our friends live! SO off we go, I turn the corner, there’s the house EXCELENT easy peezy! LOW and BEHOLD Mr Friend walks OUT the front door JUST as I drive by GREAT now I look like a stalker! WONDERFUL!! We wave, I want to hide under the floor mats;  BUT I smile and wave!  A few minutes later I get a text saying that I should be right to find the place later on now! Gawd! Good times!  When we arrive that night we have a great laugh over this all as that was pretty much the first time he had set foot outside all day! Talk about perfect timing! OH the adventures I get my self into! Me the wonder stalker!!  SO The time comes for the Appy…I am VERY nervous now as this is my YUMMO YUMMO dip I could just EAT it with a spoon it’s THAT good….We all dig in and WOW it was good THANK YOU Cooking Fairies!!!  IT’S The right ingredients after they were in the oven they all melted together into that WONDEROUS Mmmmmmm Mushroom Dip!  Mr Host tells me I can come back again Tee He he I have a giggle and told him that was why I choose that dip as I hoped they would love it and ask us back!

NOW Mr and Mrs. Host cooked an absolutely AMAZING dinner WOW!!! Everything was just..well WOW the lamb was extremely tender and so good it was to hurt for! The veggies were all great! Roasted Potato, Roasted Pumpkin, Yam, Beet room MMMM Leeks with Cream Cheese sauce mmmmmm SOOOO Yummy!  The other couple that came brought dessert and I have to say VERY VERY well done girl!  It was Mr. Host’s birthday as well so she made his Fave which is a Lemon Tart, now to be completley honest Lemon is my LEAST fave thing to eat but I gave it a try and Oh MY it was so amazing! The PERFECT mix of Sweet and Sour! Yummo! OF course Hubby was in HEAVEN with the whole meal he seconds of EVERYTHING! Good JOB Friends and thanks thanks thanks for the great night out! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it! I laughed until my face hurt!!!

This last little while life has been just so great!  I loved here BEFORE I/we were making friends but now that we are making friends and getting OUT I am falling even more in love with living here! This last week has been a week of new friends, a great morning Tea with the new wives from Hubies work, an evening out with great food and wonderful new friends.  I know this doesn’t sit well with my poor family back home BUT I also know that all they want is for me to be happy, well I haven’t been happier!  This country has truly captured my heart and soul!

Well I better get some sleep another big week of fun ahead of us! Blog more soon thanks for reading!