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Why is it so hard to get dressed?


As women how much time do we spend deciding what to wear?   I used to spend hours agonizing about what to wear!  I would try on different outfits with different shoes, only to walk around for about 30 seconds to realize they hurt my feet.  The pants ride up, and the shirt just feels all wrong.  BUT we wear anyway as this is what we THINK society wants us to look like

  • wearing uncomfortable clothes
  • Bill Gates/ successful men dressing in “uniforms”
  •  we try to fit in.
  •  Into a mold that we, in fact, create ourselves
    we dress to suit what we think the solution demands

When we got to NZ I felt like I stood out like a sore thumb.  I could feel people looking at me and knowing that I wasn’t from here.  I struggled to fit into what I felt was NZ styles.  When I went to social outings I had NO idea how to dress so I dressed in my best Canadian outfit. But still, I felt like a stood out.  I went to my first meeting here I was so stressed out over what to wear I almost didn’t go, but my need for human interaction far outweighed by anxiety.  I was, of course, way overdressed and I think I could have worn a paper bag cause I asked some pretty crazy questions that no one has any idea what I wore but they alllllll remember what I said!!!!   But that’s a story for another day!

So how do we need to dress?  Well, let’s start with what’s comfortable!  I’m not saying that you should turn up to a meeting in your track pants and bunnyhug (the Saskatchewan word for a hoodie). But what I am saying is make sure you’re comfortable. Can you move properly?  Can sit down without having to THINK. Can you lift your arm above your shoulders, without A. exposing parts of your body and B. Almost ripping your blazer like the Hulk!   You never know when you need to quickly raise your arm to catch something.  I know this sounds ridiculous BUT truthfully you need to be able to move!   As women and mothers, we need to be able to move unrestricted, freely and comfortably. Does this mean walking around in our PJs?  NO, NO it does NOT. It just means dress sensibly and smart.

Our lives as mothers are so complex, we go from role to role to role…most of the time in the same set of clothes unless your superman and can change in a phone booth…I have changed my clothes in the car. Yup, sometimes we do what we need to do! So keep this in mind when purchasing and or revamping your wardrobe.

  • Comfortable
  • Flexibility
  • Function
  • Ability to match items with each other

All in all, make things simple for your self and this will make your life simple! When we don’t have to think about what we wear that will save us SO much time and maybe just maybe we won’t be late!!!  BAHAHAHAHA Who am I kidding, something else is going to come up and make us late.  Some sort of meltdown ( may or may not be a CHILDS meltdown) lost car keys….that MAY or MAY NOT BE IN MY HAND(don’t ask).

Take care peeps!