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List of things to be happy about


So we know we should be grateful every day; right?  Yes, we should!   But some days are harder than others!   So here is my list is goto things to be happy about when things are…less than stellar!

  1. My Cat; Mr. Whiskers
  2. Comfy Shoes
  3. A soft bed
  4. Fuzzy Socks
  5. Cozy BunnyHugs (Saskatchewan word for hoodie)
  6. Chocolate ( always keep a secret stash Mum tip!)
  7. The way the rain sounds when it hits the roof
  8. OR the fact the Sun is in the sky. It’s always a good day when the suns out. It rains A LOT where we live!
  9. Cookies!!!!!  Mmmm cookies
  10. A warm dry house…see #8
  11. Music!  Listen to your favourite song
  13. A good movie…I’m sensing another post about movies and Netflix!
  14. Comfortable pants; as I get older comfy pants a huge happy dance moment.
  15. Nice smelling Soap
  16. A nice pen! I love writing with a really nice pen!
  17. Fancy paper; I’m a stationary geek!
  18. Cooking a big meal for my family
  19. An organised pantry ( yup it makes me happy)
  20. Having a nice smelling house; walking in the door and having the aroma of my own house hit me.  It makes me happy!
  21. A clean and tidy kitchen bench! (I’m not a neat freak but I do love coming into my kitchen and it’s tidy)
  22. If my girls cook; which by the way leaves a HUGE mess in the kitchen BUT still makes me happy!
  23. Cooking/baking with my girls.
  24. Cooking with my Husband
  25. Cooking for a Group!
  26. BBQing. I love cooking and love it, even more, when I cook outdoors!
  27. My smartphone; yes this sounds vain but it’s my connection to all things back home.
  28. A hot bath, with candles and music
  29. Slippers!

As I read through that list I saw a trend. I think I like to cook. This is just a quick list of things I can be things I can be grateful for!  On very difficult days I like to look at things that do challenge me and turn them into something to grateful for. Each day is a challenge; it’s up to you if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

What’s on your Gratitude list? Drop me a comment I’d love to hear from you.

Later Peeps