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Ain’t it funny how melody can bring back a memory!


Well in this case it’s more like I smell!  When we arrived or more like our stuff arrived there were items that we didn’t need like extra blankets that got put straight into a tote!  Well this evening, being as it’s school Holidays the girls are having a sleep over here with some of their friends and well we need extra blankets….cue the tote….open the tote….OPEN THE FLOOD gate of tears and memories!!!!! I could smell home!! I had my face buried in a pile of blankets and afghans inhaling deeply…mmmmm the smell of fresh CANADIAN laundry!!! Needless to say THOSE blankets got packed away again to preserve the smell for a later date and we found an alternate to using the Canadian smell!

Now if you are country music fan you may have noticed that my last two blog post titles are throw backs to country music..I am a fan of Country music but you don’t hear it here EVER!!! So I will add that to the list of things that I miss about home!!! Country music, big trucks wide open spaces…I love me a big truck!!! This comes from being a small town girl I think, or maybe just from being a prairie girl I am not sure.  BUT I do love ’em!

The girls have had a great time these school holidays, they have had MANY play-dates, sleep overs and adventures!  We had a MAJOR adventure when we went to Mr and Mrs Sheep’s farm WAY way WAY in the “wops” as they call it well I don’t know for certain if where they live is classed as the WOPS but jeez louise it was an adventure the get there.  Absolutely stunningly beautiful when we did get there!  The house is set on the side of hill, and is surrounded by hills every where are hills, trees and you guessed in SHEEP!!  OH and on a side note Mr Sheep as decided that seeing as I call them Mr and Mrs Sheep they will call us Mr and Mrs Beaver!!! ’cause we are Canadian!!!  BUT the girls had a great time they played in the CUTEST play house, the girls were all inside baking and the boys were outside PAINTING it with paint brushes and water HOW CUTE; the farm Pup Tess and the Cat Bone-crusher!  There was lots of laughs, a few tears from some of the wee ones.  Little Tykes cars, they play Petrol Station, we had a “car crash”, a run away Tricycle going down the drive. BUT we all made it out un scraped and happy!  OH and I was introduced to something WONDERFUL….Kiwi’s be ready for a shock Canadians YOU MUST TRY THIS!!! Scones…yes SCONES home-made ones…with Jam and Whipped cream…REAL whipped cream NOT Cool WHIP OMG sooooooooo good!!! This NOT a regular Canadian thing as you can tell by my SHOCK of how YUM it was!!! So good in fact that I will be making my own batch of Scones very very soon for afternoon Tea; yes yes I  just said Afternoon Tea…which is a Mini Meal you have yup in the middle of the afternoon!  There is also Morning Tea which would better for the scones BUT this would mean I have to get up at the crack of SPARROW poo to make these…ahhh pass thanks SO afternoon tea it is!  I have cream in my fridge almost ALL The time YUM cream….you CAN’T buy cream in Canada like this…the closet things is whipping cream and even that isn’t the same. This is like REAL CREAM you get from a  COW! I have said this to some people here and they just look at me strangely as if to say where else would it come from.  I find the milk here is very…Milky if that is even a word but it is much less processed than the milk we get in Canada I think. I am honestly NOT sure what it is BUT I have fresh cows milk and it is quite similar to that.


* This blog was written before the Computer crash so I just refined it a little and will post it now!* I think it’s about 2 weeks old! *  Working on  a new one now!