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20 things to start right now!



In My Journey to a better to be more myself this is my list of things I want to add to my life daily!

  1. Drink a lot of water and green/white tea; the best tea I have ever had is from my wonderful friend Sarah, and her Tea House- A Himalayan Experience; get your AMAZING TEA HERE!
  2. Eat small meals during the day
  3. Eat more Fruit, veggies
  4. Go for a walk, bike, swim, jog
  5. Where comfortable shoes
  6. Go to bed earlier
  7. Stop thinking Negetive thoughts about your self and others
  8. Don’t dwell on the past, just let it go
  9. Enjoy the little things in life…like crisp clean sheets!
  10. Don’t compare your self to others; you only see what’s on the outside you have no idea what thier life is really like
  11. Practice Meditation
  12. Eat healthy; BUT for pity sake EAT THE CAKE
  13. Stretch daily to increase flexiblity
  14. Avoid putting things off…I am sooo bad at this
  15. Listen to peaceful music
  16. DANCE
  18. Wear cloths that make you HAPPY!
  19. Throw away things that you don’t need
  20. Remember that you are enough

If I set goals of doing this list daily I think I will be in a pretty epic place next year.  If you find yourself on a similar journey don’t forget the most important goal is to be kind to yourself every day.  This is a list of things that will really help me become more aligned with who I want to be. It will put me on a path the will make me be more ME…self care, self love and by doing this all the rest of life will fall into place.  You know the saying if Momma aint happy aint nobody happy.  Well what are you waiting for, let’s make Momma happy!


Thanks for reading peeps!  Take care, be well, Be Happy, Be Kind, and Be YOU!