1. My family…this one should go without saying but I have to say that I miss them and my friends more than I ever thought possible!
  2. Cheez Whiz….yes that lovely Orange Cheez in a jar that I am quite certain could outlive a nuclear meltdown….but oooo Its sooooo good!!
  3. ROOT BEER!!!! Everyone who knows me knows that when we go out for lunch I order a root beer and if they don’t have it I am QUITE shocked. Well, folks, I have moved to Country with NO Rootbeer! YES insert LOUD Audible GASP!!! Oh the lovely sweet crisp sarsaparilla mmmmmm
  4. Lewry’s Seasoning Salt * UPDATE* I have a new seasoning salt Oh my goodness it’s called Chicken seasoning…and it’s BETTER yes BETTER than Lewry’s Seasoning Salt… I might be hearing Angels singing!!
  5. MRS DASH Spices!!!!
  6. Big parking spots!
  7. The ability to parallel park…yes my friends I CAN’T do it here!! Give me any spot in Canada that my Mini Van would fit JUST and I could get in there perfectly the first time Every time! Here I have to say I haven’t even tried…I am little afraid!
  8. My Minivan; Remember those days where I said I will never ever ever NEVER drive a minivan, well after my Honda I LOVED my Minivan….I cried when it drove away. 😦
  9. My WINE….yes there is a tonne of wine here but I miss my sweet homemade stuff!
  10. Walking down the street, or going almost anywhere in Saskatchewan and seeing someone I either knew or was related to!
  12. Walmart…yes I miss Walmart
  13. Popping into Grandmas for a quick visit and ending up staying for the entire day!
  15. The ability to SEE….yes my vision is still fine, what I mean is I can’t SEE very far and being a Prairie girl I am used to being able to see for miles and miles and miles Also known as being able to watch your dog run away for a week! Here NOT SO MUCH! I get a tad claustrophobic, I don’t actually realise this until we get to an “open” area where I can see more than 500m ahhhhh it feels good! I remember having a conversation with my Cousin who lives in BC I said D. HOW DO YOU LIVE HERE YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!??!??!! D.’s reply was Yes I can it’s called Scenery {which he said very slowly and deliberately} it’s BEAUTIFUL! Made me smile! He always does! But he is correct it’s fantastic not being able to see because there is just so much beauty all around me…..BUT I still like to get a bit of a relief in the open every now and then!
  17. Marshmallows! Yes, there are marshmallows here BUT not what we are used to!
  18. CORN POPS!
  19. Kraft Dinner, that orange cheese-like powder that is just so good, I think this also would outlast a nuclear meltdown…hmmm maybe I will be healthier here!
  20. Hot Dogs, they have a Sausage Sizzle almost everywhere daily but THESE are NOT Hot Dogs!
  21. The smell of a spring rain!
  22. OK OK OK This one is going to be weird and surprising the smell of a…SKUNK yup this is correct I miss that. I have never been sprayed NOR have any of my animals which is probably WHY I miss it; it just reminds me of good ‘ol Saskatchewan.

Hmmm, I am Sensing a FOOD TREND! Most of what I miss is food and family! I am loving life here in New Zealand BUT I just thought I would make my I miss you list!

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